NQS provides logistic services and tailor made solutions to oil and gas industry. Our logistic services are offering complete chain logistics and engineering solutions – safely and effectively.

NQS is operating in accordance to international management standards with a intensive focus for quality, safety and the environmental guide lines. Our personnel is fully aware of the urgency of our client’s operation and all of us are endeavoring to streamline our action in order to expedite the job.


We in NQS have the experience and strength to be your Marine Agent and Offshore Logistic service provider for offshore oilfield support services in the IONIAN Sea, AEGEAN Sea, ADRIATIC Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

Our long standing reputation in the Shipping and oil and gas logistics specialists is one of our valuable deposit of know-how and support in developing logistics solutions for the demanding oil & Gas Industry. We are confident in our field of expertise to provide consultancy services as well as full facility management

NQS is in the advantageous position to operate in one of the most convenient port suitable for most of the oil and gas logistics services in a Free Zone status at the Industrial Zone and Port Facilities of NAVIPE – ASTAKOS.

NQS operate on a 24 x 7 basis, 365 days a year and our operations and management system ensures that your activities are carried out to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards.

NQS INTERGRATED Logistics Servives

Bunkering and Potable Water
Bunkering and Potable Water can be delivered direct on the quays or by barge. We provide potable water by trailer. Drilling water is similarly provided.

Warehousing & Yard Storage
NQS offers warehousing and yard storage as well as repair facilities. Our storage facilities are flexible and can be arranged to suit individual project requirements.

Warehouses are accessible via wide doors, offer plenty of headroom and are capable of taking special cargo. Open laydown areas are used for storage of tubulars, bulky equipment and pipe inspection. We can provide area where it possible the assembly of outbound cargo, unstuffing of inbound containers, and general storage of standby materials and other works and repairs.

All facilities are fitted with electricity and fire protection systems. Fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, oil spill kits, as well as all necessary safety signage are provided to international standards.
NQS maintain a long standing co-operation with local qualified subcontractors able to carry out any additional and necessary repairs and modifications.

Distribution Strength to feed industry:
Vegetable and animal Oils. Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil. Fish Oil, Salmon Oil.
Fish meal, Soybean meal and a number of other protein products for feed industry.

Office Space
We are also able to offer our clients office space or mobile office units. All our offices are fully furnished and have all the office equipment and facilities one would expect in a modern office environment.

Berthing and Quay

Quay facilities are geared to facilitate the prompt and efficient turnaround of supply vessels.

We operate on a 24/7 x 365 days a year basis and are able to combine clients loading/unloading requests with efficient administrative procedures for vessel port entry/exits manifests, crew change etc.

Resources such as quayside mobile heavy-lift craneage and skilled manpower teams are readily available at short notice.

NQS provide 24×7 Security

Cargo Transportation
NQS is able to provide our clients with specialized container units to transfer customer’s drilling tools, equipment, or consumable materials.
Units available include mini containers, half heights of various sizes, skips, open top containers, etc.

Mud Plant
NQS is geared to mobilize at short notice an efficient and fully equipped bulk plant for the cutting of and storage of cement, barite and bentonite.

In accordance with international quality procedures, the tanks will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for inspection before each use. Additional Bulk Storage can also be provided upon request.

Agency Services & Sea Freight Clearance
NQS Freight Clearance is provided for all type of customs clearance and freight collecting services. Through our Ships Agency unit we can carry out all vessel clearance, customs and immigration formalities, procurement of ship supplies, customs and immigration clearance, visas, crew changes and general ship handling. Due to the fact that we are a fully licensed Freeport Company, customs formalities are minimal and simplified.

NQS in close co-operation with reputable and well organized sub-contractors with vast experience in ships repairs provides a one-stop shop for topside maintenance projects. We provide a fully managed service covering technical assessment, site preparation and access, equipment and management expertise to complete maintenance projects safely.

Our services include Rig Repair and Maintenance in the Mediterranean and provides a comprehensive range of services for the inspection, repair, upgrade and refurbishment of drilling rigs, support vessels and other marine assets.

The increased numbers of drilling operations in the Mediterranean region makes our services to be at the most upgraded level in order to meet the demand of the growing fleet of rigs and vessels that are operating in the region.

Technical Services need a complex logistic service provision which we are ready to offer.

NQS is organized to provide the Clients with a single point of contact, for any project managers integrating the management of all sub-contractors and service providers, who in most of the cases are from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It is our duty to ensure the success of the overall program.

Manpower Supply
NQS provides manpower and supervision for oil & gas activities.

NQS vested a long year experience in Ships procurement to offer today to the Oil & Gas Industry a reputable logistics and co-ordination services for all international suppliers of our clients towards the end receiver who is in fact the off-shore platform of our client.

NQS is offering through experienced sub-contractors in Eastern Mediterranean services for the inspection, repair, upgrade and refurbishment of drilling rigs, support vessels and other marine assets. Our professional management approach includes the alignment of the project management to the client’s desire to getting the work done safely, to the highest standards and on time.

Services include:

  • Project management
  • Offshore surveying, installation and commissioning
  • Surface Preparation, Coating Removal and Recoating
  • Hull painting, plating, piping and structural repairs and replacement
  • Industrial painting
  • Underwater repairs and maintenance, including underwater cleaning of Propellers
  • Engine repairs/overhauls
  • Electrical, Electronic and Hydraulic systems repairs
  • Repairs and refurbishment of accommodation quarters
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Waste Management (removal, handling and disposal)

NQS is providing services at the Port of NAVIPE-ASTAKOS using conveniently dock and directly offload marine risers on the quay. The quay at the facility is 600 m long and has a minimum draft of 12 m. This reduces logistics costs and risk of damage. Once the job is completed our clients are able to pick up their equipment at the same convenient location. While your risers are stored at our site we can arrange and oversee all critical servicing including inspections, cleaning, mechanical, welding & heat treatment, pressure testing, painting to marine specification, sand blasting, and buoyancy repair. Technicians have many year experience in welding and fabricating Offshore and Subsea products.

Clients justifiably look to NQS to deliver complex logistics operations in challenging locations.
As the client’s single point of contact, we integrates the activities of contractors, subcontractors and service providers, often from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to ensure the success of the overall program.

NQS is handling with various suppliers a great number of equipment for Oil and Gas related materials. This venture is done through partnerships with reputable manufacturers and distributors.

In co-operation with fully licensed companies NQS provides a range of waste management and tank cleaning services relating to the return of waste generated from offshore activities.

We are committed to the highest standard of health, safety and environmental responsibility and the company’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System complies with:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality
  • IMGD (IMO) Code for Dangerous Goods Handling
  • ISPS Code for Ship and Port Facility Security

We believe that Quality is paramount. We provide our clients with a service that is timely and effective. We believe that prompt and engineered responses to clients’ varying requests are essential for a successful work relationship in our business.

For NQS the service quality means our duty to fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations.

To ensure such commitment NQS is constantly working to:

  • Continuously and systematically improve the quality of our services to all our customers
  • Ensure our employees are motivated through information and training in all aspects of quality
  • Ensure that all complaints and claims are clarified to the customers’ satisfaction and analyzed to prevent reoccurrences
  • Ensure that our relationship with our suppliers is positive and that it gives the fullest attention to quality in the supply and services’ delivery
  • Ensure that our relationship with Governments’ associated Authorities is always an open and harmonious one that is conducive to the delivery of quality service to our customers.