Our Naval Agency Department provides excellent services to ships and cargo that approaches the NAVIPE-ASTAKOS Port. Our scope is always to make our best efforts providing the most secure and homelike and friendly environment towards all vessels and crews, always acting for the best interest of our principals

Main advantages

  • always an agent present at the operation area of mooring of ships
  • it is managed and operated in full cooperation with the manager of the port because of the above cooperates and creates great synergies with all
  • port business units, port management and public authorities.
  • has excellent know how of all port procedures and regulations that are in effect for the operation of the port

All above advantages gives the ability of providing flexible services, against reasonable wage and adapted in the needs of each customer.

Our main services:

  • CANVASSING – An experienced team is covering all Greek and International market
  • Free Pratique
  • Pre- Planning of stowage
  • Complete cargo loading/discharging services
  • Supply of bunker and luboil
  • Fresh water supply,
  • Supply of decks/ engine stores provisions
  • Medical assistance
  • Crew changes
  • Custom procedures for spare parts
  • Complete services at anchorage
  • Port Authorities handling
  • Marine services (berthing etc)
  • Sewage waters, slops etc management