Why an StS Operations on the Anchorage

The advantages for an StS Operation in an safe anchorage , are the following:

  • Vessels are not Under Way in an open sea, but anchored in a safe Anchorage, protected by weather conditions.
  • Reducing the Risk s for accidents during manoeuvring & mooring.
  • Reducing the Risks of Collisions during navigation to open sea.
  • Reducing the possibilities the StS operation to be cancelled or postponed due to Bad Weather Conditions.
  • Fuel consumptions in the Anchorage, are much less.
  • StS in Anchorage is more friendly to the environment, as exhausts are minimised.
  • Cargo Quantities can be more accurate as there is no rolling to the vessels.
  • Easy Attendance for Cargo Surveyors and Companies Representatives.
  • Emergency Correspondence 24/7.
  • 24/7 service to the Shore – Port.

What we Provide in StS Offshore Anchorages

  • Highly experienced and certified Mooring Masters/ Pilots & POACs
  • Certified StS Equipment of Fenders and Hoses.
  • Antipollution Protective Booms
  • 24/7 Tugs Assistance and Services to the Shore.
  • Issuance of New B/Ls from Port’s Agency (Preveza & Astakos)
  • “Free Pratique” to the vessels
  • Husbandry Services for Ship Owners

The only “ONE SHOP STOP” StS Anchorage in East Mediterranean

“Astakos StS Anchorage” is the only safe anchorage in East Med, which is near to a main port – Platygiali – NAVIPE ASTAKOS.

A unique opportunity for a “ONE SHOP STOP” in Maritime Industry. A “Free Pratique” can be arranged for the vessels, performing all the Husbandry Services as our Shipping Agency can arrange all the formalities for:

  • Crew Changes
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Delivery of Spares
  • Stores / Provisions
  • Attendance of Superintendents & Technicians.
  • Class Surveys & Shire Inspections
  • Repairs, M/E Mobilization – after special permissions.
  • U/ W Operations & Surveys.
  • Attendance of Cargo Surveyors
  • Medical Assistance